Sapphire Hair TransplantHair Transplant
Sapphire hair transplantation is a modern technique that helps patients to have more natural-looking hair. It is a type of FUE hair transplantation in which high-tech sapphire blades are used for opening channels(incisions).
Sapphire blades are not really sapphire, they are made from a single synthetic sapphire (made from aluminum oxide). This synthetic material keeps its sharpness for a long time and it is hundreds of times harder than normal steel.

Advantages Of Sapphire Hair Transplant

1) The blades are much harder and have long durability that protects the tissue from damage.
2 )Finer incisions reduce the damage of cells during incision.
3) V-shaped sapphire blade tips are much better at opening compact-sized microchannels than U-shaped steel blades.
4) Sapphire Hair Transplantation provides a faster healing process than other methods.
5) Sapphire blades are not metals so it is very important for patients with metal allergies.
6) Surface of the sapphire blades is smooth and antibacterial and that helps with opening channels by reducing vibration.

Healing Process After The Operation

The Sapphire Hair Transplantation method begins to grow immediately after the operation. Most people who have FUE hair transplantation enter the resting phase, after the first 2-3 weeks hair loss happens. This is also called shock hair loss. Six months after the procedure, hair starts to grow. At the end of the first year, the result is observed to a great extent and it takes up to 2 years to get the full and final effect.

Why should I choose the Konuk Clinic?

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We will assist you with your in-person consultation with our doctors at Konuk Clinic. During the consultation, our medical team will conduct the necessary medical analysis to determine whether you are suitable for the operation.
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According to your doctor's recommendation, our team will assist you to the Konuk Clinic for your doctor to check up on you and your results. Then we will assist you to the airport with your new look!
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