FUE Hair TransplantHair Transplant

The transplantation of hair (or transplant) is a technical surgery based on the transfer of small fragments of skin - and the relative bulbs hair - from areas of the head of the most dense to other more thinned.

The transplant of hair is still one of the few solutions available in the presence of atrophy spread of bulbs hair, typical of those who suffer from alopecia androgenetic.

The most modern and recent technique is called FUE, an acronym that stands for " Follicular Unit Extraction ". This technique has been evolved up to arrive to the transplantation of hair to high density, defined as "Micro FUE" that employs instruments of reduced size at the end to make the technique even less invasive and without leaving scars.

Major attention compared to the past is placed also in the direction of the plant, which thanks to micrografting is oriented in a way to follow the natural direction of growth and the provision of hair. The result obtained is extremely natural and is not affected by heavy postoperative problems or permanent scars. For this reason, the transplantation of hair performed by a hand's experts is - now more than ever - a solution efficient, little invasive discreet, and more affordable compared to the past.

The intervention surgery is carried out in regime outpatient, in anesthesia local, and sometimes under sedation.

The professionalism and experience of a surgeon's aesthetic qualified allow to customize the maximum intervention, the whose effectiveness on the floor aesthetic depends also from a careful examination before surgery. Painstaking precision and meticulousness in execution are equally important to obtain an aesthetically beautiful final result.


The duration of a transplant of hair depends on the size of the area of thickening. We can say that more or less it takes from 5 to 7 hours.


In summary, the results that you can get with the modern techniques adopted to perform the transplant of hair are:

Natural, as the implanted hair, belongs to the same patient.

Long-lasting, since the follicles are taken to derive from areas not susceptible to the action of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the main responsible for the miniaturization of the follicles in patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

Gradual, since the regrowth of hair implanted, is carried out in a manner constant and progressive following the normal and physiological processes of growth of the hair.

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