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The term gynecomastia indicates the abnormal development of the size of the breasts in humans. The resulting bulging of the chest gives the chest a typically feminine appearance.

This similarity creates the most part of cases affect psychological important. Generally, the difficult cohabitation with this disease is reflected in disorders of the sphere social and sexual. The problem is so heard that the number of males that was subjected to intervention surgery in recent years has greatly increased.


The causes that lead to the onset of gynecomastia are numerous, among the main ones we remember those of a genetic, hormonal, pharmacological nature and those dependent on other pathologies.

Drugs such as the steroids anabolic, the drugs used in the treatment of HIV, the drugs anti- androgens or drugs antidepressants are only a few examples of drugs that can promote the onset of the disorder.

At the same way, conditions pathological as the hypogonadism or some types of cancer can cause imbalances hormonal that lead to the development of gynecomastia.

Pharmacological treatment

In the case of " gynecomastia true " the regression of the disease can take place only in the age of puberty, passed this period the possibility of regression spontaneous are very small. This type of disease need surgery.

The strategies of intervention surgery will differ in basic nature of the problem.

If for the excess of fabric adipose is generally sufficient to perform a " simple " liposuction in anesthesia local, for the excess of tissue glandular necessary to perform the removal surgery of the gland mammary.

In the latter case, the operation lasts about an hour and is carried out in day-hospital. It is performed a small incision in the mid- bottom of the areola to allow the removal of the tissue glandular. After a few days the patient can resume normal daily activities.

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