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The Blepharoplasty is a procedure surgery that allows for correcting defects such as eyelids upper drooping, bags of fat and dark circles that make you look tired, aging the appearance of the face and interfere sometimes with the view. The blepharoplasty consists in the removal surgery of skin and fat in excess localized in the eyelids upper and lower (blepharoplasty lower and blepharoplasty upper); and in the repositioning of the drooping eyebrow.

The Superior Blepharoplasty

The blepharoplasty top is an operation that consists in removal of the excess of skin and the removal of bags of fat that is found in the region eyelid top.

The surgery is painless, and after 7-10 days the patient can return to carry out all the activities work and social no particular signs or outcomes.

The Lower Blepharoplasty

The blepharoplasty lower is an intervention a bit more complex the blepharoplasty upper and also can be performed in the hospital, in anesthesia local or in anesthesia general.

In blepharoplasty lower is practiced an incision in the edge under the ciliary of the eyelid lower that is falling through the which are reshaped the three bags of fat that are localized in this region and the excess of skin and the muscle that can help to determine a defect aesthetic it needs to fix.

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