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What Is Hollywood Smile?

The dental aesthetic is a crucial part of our facial expression. A big white smile can be an impressive feature. Its name is inspired by the gorgeous smile Hollywood celebrities have. With Hollywood Smile, you can now smile big as you can without hesitation. During this procedure, porcelain veneers are placed on your teeth. These veneers are previously adjusted to fit your unique facial features perfectly. Hollywood Smile is a comprehensive dental aesthetic procedure that includes possible treatments for gums and decayed or missing teeth.

How Does The Hollywood Smile Procedure Work?

The Hollywood smile process consists of several different stages. First, the patient is examined and his needs for an aesthetic smile are determined. If there are existing dental or gum problems, they are addressed. Afterward, various issues such as symmetry disorders in the patient's teeth are eliminated. If there is a missing tooth problem, implant treatment is applied and thus the appearance of missing teeth is eliminated. Afterward, the necessary procedures can be started for the patient to have this smile. In the meantime, it should be noted that the procedures performed do not cause any pain or pain.
At the final stage, porcelain veneers that are thin as a leaf are applied to the front parts of the teeth. A whiter, smoother, and brighter tooth appearance can be achieved by this non-invasive procedure. Porcelain veneers are especially preferred for crooked, intermittent, small, or very yellow-colored teeth. The fact that they do not change color is one of the most important features of this application.

Why should I choose the Konuk Clinic?

We assist you from the airport to the hotel, with our disinfected vehicles for their safety and comfort. We have an interpreter team with us so that our patients do not experience any communication problems.
We will assist you with your in-person consultation with our doctors at Konuk Clinic. During the consultation, our medical team will conduct the necessary medical analysis to determine whether you are suitable for the operation.
After the completion of your surgery process, you are ready to leave the Konuk Clinic. We will assist you to your arranged 5-star hotel to rest after the operation.
According to your doctor's recommendation, our team will assist you to the Konuk Clinic for your doctor to check up on you and your results. Then we will assist you to the airport with your new look!
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