Presbyopia (Smart Laser Treatment)

Presbyopia meaning is ‘old eye’ and caused near vision (reading vision) loss. It is an eye condition that affects the majority of the population as they enter their 40s. As the natural lens of the eye begins to harden with age, the level of flexibility of the eye decreases, making it more difficult to read close and annoying for your daily habits and comfort, such as reading books, magazines, newspapers and your mobile phone.

Since we cannot prevent ageing after the age of 40, no one is immune to presbyopia, and if not controlled, it inevitably leads to the need for glasses, bifocal or varifocal reading. Although near vision defects are generally tried to be avoided with near glasses, wearing glasses makes you look older and you need glasses that you should always carry with you.

Smart Laser not only corrects Presbyopia; It is a long-term and very effective solution designed to correct other refractive defects such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia and astigmatism.

Why should I choose the Konuk Clinic?

We assist you from the airport to the hotel, with our disinfected vehicles for their safety and comfort. We have an interpreter team with us so that our patients do not experience any communication problems.
We will assist you with your in-person consultation with our doctors at Konuk Clinic. During the consultation, our medical team will conduct the necessary medical analysis to determine whether you are suitable for the operation.
After the completion of your surgery process, you are ready to leave the Konuk Clinic. We will assist you to your arranged 5-star hotel to rest after the operation.
According to your doctor's recommendation, our team will assist you to the Konuk Clinic for your doctor to check up on you and your results. Then we will assist you to the airport with your new look!
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