Lip FillingFiller

Lips are one of the most important elements of beauty. Beautiful and fleshy lips are essential in aesthetics for many women.

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Fillers

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are the most reliable and extensively used filling materials.

Hyaluronic acid is the primary material in connective tissues that helps skin cells keep moisture and imparts volume to the skin. The vivid look, brightness, tightness, and moist appearance are all results of hyaluronic acid.

How Is The Filler Applied

Before treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied to the lips. The treatment may cause pain since lips are very sensitive. If you wait for15-20 minutes after the anesthetic cream is applied the anesthesia works well and pain is minimized. New generation products contain anesthetic material to reduce pain.

The method is popular and famous for lip filling treatment takes only 20-30 minutes and you can return to daily life with fleshy lips immediately after the treatment.

Why should I choose the Konuk Clinic?

We assist you from the airport to the hotel, with our disinfected vehicles for their safety and comfort. We have an interpreter team with us so that our patients do not experience any communication problems.
We will assist you with your in-person consultation with our doctors at Konuk Clinic. During the consultation, our medical team will conduct the necessary medical analysis to determine whether you are suitable for the operation.
After the completion of your surgery process, you are ready to leave the Konuk Clinic. We will assist you to your arranged 5-star hotel to rest after the operation.
According to your doctor's recommendation, our team will assist you to the Konuk Clinic for your doctor to check up on you and your results. Then we will assist you to the airport with your new look!
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